Multiple Locks and Listings

Aurmur offers the perfect solution for hosts with multiple locks and listings of a single property. With Aurmur, hosts can easily assign and manage access codes for each lock and listing from anywhere, at any time, without having to physically be at the property.


For example, a large house is converted into multiple listings of the upstairs single rooms, the downstairs and the entire house. Single guests can book individual rooms; couples can book the downstairs sections; and families can book the entire house. There is also a shared laundry facility in the back yard. In this scenario, the host will have 7 locks: three for each of the upstairs rooms, two for each front door of upstairs and downstairs, one for the downstairs back door and one for the shared laundry. This is what the 7 locks look like on the Aurmur dashboard. 

Lock Status:


The host will link their Airbnb account with Aurmur by going to ACCOUNT > EXTERNAL and then add each listing to Aurmur by going to LOCKS > LISTING. For more details, please refer to this Aurmur’s blog.  

For the listing of “Upstairs private room #1”, the host will select the appropriate lock combination as shown below. For the other two private rooms (#2 and #3) on the top floor, the host can simply replace the “Upstairs Room #1” lock with either #2 or #3, repectively. 

The lock combination for the 4th listing of “Downstairs Section”

The lock combination for 5th listing of “Upstairs Section”

The lock combination for the 6th listing of “Entire House”

Once this configuration is done, the Aurmur system takes care of activating and deactivating each code on the correct locks. Guests only need to remember their only one code and have access to the areas they have booked. Aurmur makes it a convenient and efficient solution for managing short-term rentals.